Jan 10, 2011 12:45 AM by Chris Welty

Time to Protect the Plants, Pipes, & Pets

With freezing temperatures expected overnight this week it's time to make preparations. You know the rule---protect the p's....that's pipes, plants and pets.

As showers poured down across Acadiana, the temperatures were also moving down. The threat of near freezing temperatures means it's time to protect the plants, pets, and pipes.

Bonnie Shipley with the Home Depot says, "If you don't protect your pipes and insulate your faucet covers, it could be very expensive as the repairs are going to be very extensive...they might not be just one place, they may be all through your house."

Associates with Home Depot say that weatherizing your home with pipe covers or faucet covers is a cheap way of protecting your home from potentially costly repairs.

"It is very quick and inexpensive thing to wrap and put this takes no time at all and it will save you from water damage or pipe repair."

Not only is it important to protect your pipes, but also your plants by covering them with blankets, tarps, or even newspaper. Bonnie Shipley says that
keeping the heat in is more important than keeping the cold out.

"Cover your plants and let the sunlight warm the ground even if the air is cold."

And don't forget about the pets....veterinarians say it's best to keep your pets inside; but if they must stay out then use towels, blankets, or even a heating lamp to keep them warm. Also, provide shelter for them near a building to block the wind.

Shipley says, "Hoping and praying something doesn't's always better to go with the protection rather than the hope and the prayer."



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