May 16, 2011 12:14 AM by Chris Welty

Three Mile Lake Residents Evacuate

It seems so calm in the Three Mile Lake Community while looking at the water, but there was a sense of urgency in the air Sunday.

"They were knocking on our doors at 8 this morning saying get out, get out." said Connie Baudoin.

Residents and campers at Three Mile Lake were doing just that, packing up and heeding the mandatory evacuation orders to be out of their homes by 5pm from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office. "They've given us plenty of time and we had all of last week too. That's the best part about this evacuation is the time that we've had to get out."

The water is already starting to rise, and within the next 24 hours residents believe water will be impeding their property.

"It's just unsettling. it's out of the norm." says John Guedry.

Baudoin says, "I never expected a man-made lake to be flooded out. I do accept the reasons why we are being flooded out."

For the last eight years, Connie Baudoin has stayed at Three Mile Lake every Friday through Monday. Though she says this is her second home, she feels worse for those who live here year round. "A few of them don't have insurance. In matter of fact, the two people on my street don't have insurance."

Residents and campers want to make sure every one takes the flooding seriously.

"Look at what happened to the people of Chalmette and New Orleans during Katrina, they thought everything was going to be fine. all of a sudden, it went to hell in a hand basket."

Chris Welty



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