Jul 21, 2013 5:43 PM by Daniel Phillips

Thermometers Pushing 100 This Week

Over the course of this weekend clouds and scattered showers have kept temperatures relatively in check. Highs have stayed a few degrees below average, and after a shower passes it even feels rather pleasant. As the skies clear, however, the temperatures will be off the leash and racing into the upper 90s.

The moisture that has surged across Acadiana, moving off to the north and taking with it a majority of the rain chances. Monday will be a transition period, as we will see the typical day time showers we are so accustomed to this time of year.

As the week progresses a big change will occur, a result of an impressive looking area of high pressure. This ridge will push out the rain chances and leave us with clearing skies and temperatures that will be some of the hottest we have seen so far this year.

Since it is south Louisiana, and still July, moisture won't be removed altogether; enough of it will remain that the heat index for the majority of the week will be in the triple digits. Hot summers is just a fact of life here but that does not mean it should be taken any less seriously. In fact heat can be one of the more dangerous things in the weather world.

As the days heat up it will be increasingly important to try and remain cool. If you can, avoid the heat by taking care of any outside chores you may have early in the morning or late in the evening when it is slightly cooler. Make sure to wear clothes that are appropriate for this time of year, loosing fitting and brightly colored to try and reflect the heat. As always, probably the most important thing to do, stay hydrated. Drink water early and often, remember if you feel thirsty you're already starting to get dehydrated.

The heat does come with plenty of sunshine so enjoy the week, as the skies will be agreeable for any kind of outdoor plans you may have.


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