Jul 2, 2011 2:37 PM by Chris Welty

Thefts in Crowley

Is picking up the daily paper part of your daily routine?

Thursday night, someone in Crowley picked up more than a paper, they picked up the whole stand!

The Crowley Post Signal says "They were trying to open the armored head where the money is and they had difficulty, so they decided to load up the whole rack and took off."

In fact, a rash of newspaper disappearances began weeks ago in Crowley.

"I just find it being dishonest and i don't think it's fair," said Anna Peacock, a Crowley resident who also worked in the paper business years ago.

In a struggling time for the newspaper industry, it doesn't help when people take advantage of newspaper stands.

"It's obvious on the face plate, it says 25 cents for one paper," said Harold Gonzales, General Manager of the Crowley Post Signal.

People typically just put money in for one paper then pull several newspapers right out of the stand.

"We count everyday and then match it to the money, so you can tell if it's one paper off," said Gonzales.

Just this past Sunday, police say a local woman allegedly sent a nine year old boy to the machine outside the post office. She waited in the car as he stocked up. The man who delivers papers to the machine was determined to catch her.

The delivery man staked out the newspaper stands and saw a white Hummer pull up. He then got the license plate number and called the police department. The man witnessed a young child paying for one newspaper, but taking the remainder of the papers inside the stand as well.

Crowley police did track down the woman and said that she was not arrested, but charged with theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Chris Welty



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