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Oct 25, 2013 6:52 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

The Search Continues, Two Americans Kidnapped By Pirates

The search continues in Nigeria for two Americans, kidnapped by pirates while working on a Louisiana-owned ship off the African coast.

According to the Associated Press, rebels in Nigeria say they've been in touch with the kidnappers, and can help ensure their safety. However, still no sign of the missing Americans.

This all happened off the coast of Nigeria Wednesday, in the Gulf of Guinea, which is an oil-rich area that has become a hotspot for pirate activity.

Investigators say the pirates separated the crew by nationality before kidnapping the two Americans. The two who were kidnapped are the captain of the ship and the chief engineer.

The ship they were on is owned by a company out of Galiano, Louisiana. However, the identity of the kidnapped Americans has not been revealed.

"Off Nigeria you have to deal with corruption, you have to deal with security issues," said blogger Rob Almeida, who's been reporting on the pirate attack on his blog, "Gcaptain." "You have to deal with a number of things, and it's a tough place to be in."

The Nigerian Navy has launched a recovery mission. It has rescued at least two hostages from pirates earlier this year and reported killing several pirates in counterattacks to prevent ship hijackings.



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