The Right Fit

Jul 29, 2014 11:07 AM by Steven Albritton & Elizabeth Hill

The Right Fit: Spin Class At City Club

Spin class is a workout routine which takes the simplicity of riding a bike and adding different factors to give you a designed workout. 

City Club is just one of many studios which offers the class and it's a great way to increase cardio stamina while having a relatively low impact on the body. Throughout the hour long session, the instructor calls for increased tension on the gears, while shifting how you sit and stand on the pedals. By moving the body position it allows you to work the lower body in different ways for a full workout. 

The seat does take some getting used to but we're told comfort with the bike, and especially the seat, come in about two weeks. Be sure to bring a towel because you will sweat while jamming out to everything from today's pop music, to R&B to some classic hits. 

To see a list of what City Club has to offer, click here


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