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Jul 31, 2014 11:25 AM by Steven Albritton & Elizabeth Hill

The Right Fit: Pound @ The Fit Room

Pound is a unique fitness program which incorporates up beat music, hundreds of squats and lunges, and oddly enough drum sticks! The story goes the creators of this workout had a bit too much to drink one night. When they came home they spent their night banging on the table and floors with drum sticks. They woke up next morning with their core muscles sore, and just like that a new work out was created.

"They call it the Trojan horse of workouts because your soreness is going to sneak up on you," Fit Room owner and instructor Michelle DesOrmeaux Merrill said.

Inside the Fit Room studio, the songs keep the tempo up with a variety of genres but the work keeps you moving and targets the upper body.

"We use weighted drum sticks that are each a quarter of a pound each. You don't realize how heavy they are until after the class. It works all of your arms, your back and your shoulders," Merrill said.

The first visit may be a little dizzying because the workout moves quickly between songs and movement, but Merrill says it's all about the repetition.

"There are about 980 squats and lunges so the 1st 2nd and 3rd time that you do it your mind is really thinking as your body is trying to do it. So, the more that you come the easier it will get," Merrill said.

To learn more about the Fit Room and Pound click here.



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