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Jul 9, 2014 6:55 AM by Elizabeth Hill and Steven Albritton

The Right Fit: Funkie Fusion at Physiques

Funkie Fusion may be new to the fitness scene, but it's already developed a big following. This unique program that combines traditional floor aerobics, dance and muscle conditioning was actually created by owner of Physiques Women's Health Club and Lafayette native Khristie Gass.

"You don't have to use weights, but at the same time you're building muscle and burning fat because you're using the larger muscle groups."

Gass says after she had a baby she was struggling to lose weight. She created Funkie Fusion to amp up the calorie burn and added some basic strength moves like squats and lunges to help burn fat. It worked and now, a year and a half later, Funkie Fusion is a nationally recognized fitness program with certified instructors all over the country. Gass' class is also offered in about 600 gyms nationwide as part of a fitness on demand program.

Gass says she never expected it to blow up like it has, but she's certainly glad it did.

"Working out is not worth working out if it's not fun."

And fun is what you'll get with Funkie Fusion.

Gass has choreographed high energy routines to some of our favorite tunes from the 80's and 90's. Think Prince, MJ and MC Hammer.

"We repeat four to six elements the whole entire song and those songs don't change remain the same so if you're coming the next time I say by the third time you should be a professional."

If you love to dance or just love an aerobics type workout then Funkie Fusion is right up your alley. It's challenging, but the fun moves and good music will help take your mind off the work.

Gass is a finalist in a national competition to become the face of ReebokONE. Voting is open until July 11. To vote you can follow this link.  For more information on Physiques Women's Health Club and Funkie Fusion, click here



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