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Nov 3, 2009 1:18 PM by Kate Mundy

Relic of Mary Magdalene in Acadiana

A purported relic of Saint Mary Magdalene is attracting crowds in Abbeville. This is the first time the two-thousand year old tibia, or shin bone, has been in the United States.

The visit began with a procession for the holy relic encased in glass. Auggie Babbitt traveled from Texas for the once in a lifetime experience. "It's just awesome, I mean I have goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach," said Babbitt.

Mary Magdalene is believed to be the first witness to the resurrection of Christ. The right tibia is believed to have knelt before a resurrected Jesus.

Monday afternoon, the faithful waited in a winding line at St. Therese Catholic Church, to touch and pray before it.

"They're so hungry for this, and everyone that comes here, there's a need for whatever she's giving them," said Louisiana organizer Rosana Beyer.

Some prayed for their families. "I felt at ease, I felt joy up there," said a New Iberia visitor.

Others just wanted to be near her. "To meet her, to get close to her," explained Genevieve Poumailloux.

The relic has been kept by monks for centuries. This is its first trip to the United States. Stops include Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and New York. It will return to France in just over two weeks.

The relic of Mary Magdalene will be on display the rest of the week.
Dates and places are as follows:

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church
Maltrait Memorial school
2:30pm Lecture

Vermilion Catholic gym, 8:00am- mass
St. Mary Magdalen chapel
9:30am to 11:30am-viewing
10:00am catechesis and veneration

UL Lafayette Our Lady of Wisdom

Opelousas Catholic School
10:30am Lecture
12:10pm Mass






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