Nov 11, 2013 11:38 PM by Marcelle Fontenot

The Perfect Match Part 1: Sally-Ann's Story

We all know Robin Roberts, Good Morning America anchor and breast cancer survivor. But, Robin's medical issues don't end there. She was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome last year, a result of her breast cancer treatment. Robin needed a bone marrow donor.

Bring in her older sister, Sally-Ann. Mostly famous outside of Louisiana for being Robin Roberts sister and bone marrow and stem cell donor. But, Sally-Ann is famous in her own right.

"Robin said if this book were available to her when she was in the hospital, it would have been a comfort to her."

Her most recent achievement, the publication of her latest book Your Power is On.

"I recall when I was just a fledgling reporter at WWL, covering city hall, I was so shy. My husband, at the time, Wille, would say to me as I walked out the door 'Your Power is On.'"

Sally-Ann took that power and launched an almost 40 year career at WWL television in New Orleans. The powerful mother of three has a list of awards and acknowledgments that seems endless. But, when asked what is the proudest moment in her life, she didn't hesitate, remembering a certain conversation she had with her baby sister.

"Robin being mischievous as she is, waited until the end of the conversation to say 'Oh by the way, we're a match.' I hooped and I hollered. I said thank you Lord, praising God."

That conversation was just the beginning of a long journey.

"I hate needles but Robin was there for every draw."

Sally-Ann endured months of sticks with needles and testing just to make sure she was healthy and capable enough to be the donor her sister needed. She passed every test with flying colors.

"It's such a blessing that Sally-Ann could be the donor," says Dorothy Roberts Mcewen, Sally-Ann's and Robin's sister. "She's the right person. She has the strength to follow through."

"The thought came to me, I was born to do this," Sally-Ann explains. This is one of the reasons God put me here."

Now, Sally-Ann and Robin are closer than ever before, with Sally-Ann's stem cells literally running through her little sister's veins.

"Only God could have made us a match. Only 30 percent of people have a match in their families, 30 percent! 70 percent of people have to go to the registry."

That's why it's become Sally-Ann's and Robin's mission to get signed up and to become donors on the national bone marrow registry through BetheMatch. org.

The one thing there's no doubt about when you meet Sally-Ann Roberts is her faith and belief in God's power. And just like she shared her bone marrow with her younger sister, she is always willing to share faithful words with anyone who needs them.

Sally-Ann's book, Your Power is On, is available at or


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