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Dec 4, 2013 7:26 PM by Akeam Ashford

The Colomb Foundation Found Compliant With State

After six months of being looked at under a microscope, The Colomb Foundation is now in compliance with the state.

Back in July, State Treasurer John Kennedy submitted paperwork, accusing 34 NGO's of mispending almost $2.5 million dollars of tax-payer money.

The state treasurer investigated the Colomb Foundation after questioning $20,000 in payments from a $300,000 state grant.

The foundation is named after Lafayette's Dene' Colomb, who was killed by serial killer Derek Todd Lee and in memory of her mother who died of breast cancer.

"Every time this months comes around, it's a little bit harder. It's even harder when you I see my foundation is going through the mud for something we didn't do," Sterling Colomb said.

Colomb says he kept quiet publicly while the state treasurer accused him of not submitting paper work in good faith, and not responding to his requests.

"At the the time we would be wasting our time, because everything was us against Kennedy. Whatever I would say would mean nothing," Colomb said.

In 2007, when the foundation accepted state maoney, state Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb and sterling weren't married yet. At the time she was speaker pro-tempore. The senator is not happy with what they say John Kennedy put them through.

"He should have taken the high road, but instead because he was married to a state senator that made for good press in his eyes," Dorsey-Colomb said.

The foundation lost its exemption status in 2010 for not filing taxes, something Colomb didn't realize he had to do.

The foundation's sign out front reads, "We're still helping people," showing the Colomb's optimism for the future.

"Kennedy is not going to stop me. We are going to keep doing what we been doing all these years," Colomb said.




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