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Nov 30, 2013 12:19 PM by Daniel Phillips

The Battle Against Feral Hogs Takes to the Sky

It sounds like more like a military operation then a hog hunt, but two Acadiana residents are taking the problems of feral hogs to the skies. 

Equipped with a thermal camera the drone, which is the brain child of Cy Brown, is called the Dehogaflier. The pigs will gather in crops at night and from the ground can be very difficult to spot. 

The Dehogaflier gives Brown and his partner James Palmer a birds eye view and gives the pigs no where to hide. Brown and Palmer are both electrical engineers and where able to build the unmanned drone to meet all their needs. 

Feral pigs are very invasive and can cause a lot of problems and if left unchecked can cause thousands of dollars worth in damage. Brown's brother, a rice farmer, fell victim to the pigs and almost had to consider farming another crop. 

Since the creation of the Dehogaflier both Brown and Palmer have noticed a decrease in the pigs in the fields and attribute that decrease to their efforts with the drone. 



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