Jul 12, 2013 11:41 PM by Erin Steuber

Thanks To Viewers, Veteran Has His Wheels Back

Thanks to viewers like you, a World War II veteran has his wheels back. His bike was stolen, but in this story generosity comes out on top...

The 93-year-old Sgt. Larry Dauterive has a new bike. The army veteran says when he woke up Friday morning, his bike was missing from his garage where it was locked up. The story went viral on our Facebook page, and that's when things got rolling.

It was all a surprise, Dauterive thought he was meeting us for an interview about his stolen bike, but little did he know what was in store.

Dauterive and KATC's Erin Steuber spoke inside his New Iberia home, as everyone outside was getting in place for the big surprise. Perfect strangers raising the money in a matter of minutes to make the moment possible.

"My lord! God a bike! My God beautiful! I don't know what to say," said Dauterive.

A random of act of kindness, making the World War II vet smile ear to ear.

"I called mine Cadillac Jack. It's absolutely identical to what some S.O.B. stole from me," said Dauterive.

Danielle Morgan of Thibodaux was behind it all. She saw the story on KATC's Facebook and sprang into action. Although she couldn't make it in for the big reveal, Dauterive wanted to make sure to thank her, by speaking to her over the phone.

"Thank you so kindly for your generosity," said Dauterive.

"Do you like your bike?," said Morgan.

" I love it. It's identical to the one stolen from me," said Dauterive.

"He reminded me of my grandfather. My grandfather rode his bike everyday for however many years until he was 94 and he couldn't anymore. He passed away on Sunday at 99, and I couldn't think of any other way to let his memory live on than do something selfless for someone else," said Morgan.

Dauterive and his wife of 72-years, forever grateful for the kindness of strangers.

"Thank you. It looks like we never left home," said Dauterive.

Dauterive says he hopes whoever stole his bike is happy and enjoying it as much as he's enjoying his new one. As for Morgan, she says she is planning on visiting them soon.


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