May 8, 2013 8:59 PM by Steven Albritton

"Tent Crusades" In Abbeville Hope To End The Violence

The Abbeville community is fighting to take back their city. In the past year their have been seven murders with four having no arrests. Now, the community is taking a stand to try and end the violence. At Greater Pleasant Green Baptist Church, they held the first of the "Tent Crusades." It's 20 church joint effort to send a message to the youth of the city.

There are three events planned for this week alone and more to come during the summer. The community is fed up with the violence as are the families of the victims. Back in December, Darrell "Pee Wee" Broussard was shot and killed in his home. Broussard's father was inconsolable that night. It's a pain that never goes away.

"It's so heartbreaking as a parent. The parent isn't supposed to bury their child. The child is supposed to bury their parent," Darrell Broussard, Sr. said.

It was the beginning of a nightmare for Broussard's family, which continues to this day. At this time, still no arrests in the case.

"We need this to be solved for us to be able to be at comfort, and knowing that our son is at comfort right now," Broussard said.

Carolyn Boudreaux lost her son in 1999. He was shot and killed as well. It's a similar story to the seven murders that have occurred in the past year.

"The kids today are ridiculous. They're fighting parents. No respect. So, maybe we could all come together and try to give them just a little support and love," Boudreaux said.

Now there is a bigger effort for change. Not just a one time march or rally, but a bi-weekly event to convince this community that it's time for a change.

"To do our part to come together to make one voice and say we're not satisfied with this. We don't want this community to be this way. We don't want to minimize the problem, we want to dissolve the problem," Bishop Van Rousell said.



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