Nov 26, 2013 6:23 PM by Steven Albritton

Temperatures Fall, But Work Must Go On

Cold weather is here for now, but the work must go on even though the warmth won't cooperate.

"We still here man. The cold, whatever. We come to work," construction worker Robert Paz said.

Construction workers building a home, were still building the frame of the second floor. Besides the coats and hoodies they had on, nothing was there to protect them from the icy wind.

"It's freakin' hard. Look at my hands they're all freezing right now I'm not going to lie. But work is work what can you do. You can't play with nature. You can't change nature," Paz said.

Employees at the Ambassador Car Wash & Lube Express were bundled up, but even while being protected from old man winter, it's still a grind to polish off freshly washed cars.

"Very cold, very cold, there's no rest for the weary out here at the car wash," one employee said.

"Our hands never heat up, and if you wear gloves you can't get in the cracks of the car," another employee said. "The worst part is when you get on the rims. That's the worst part, that metal is cold," he said shaking his head.

Even with the many jobs done outdoors, there is at least one place where working in the cold is part of everyday life.

"I love the cold weather. I love the freezer temperatures. I have a pretty good tolerance for the cold weather so it's enjoyable. Especially in the summer," Doerle Food Services Freezer Stocker Dawn Guidry said.

The cold temperatures outside are actually a relief from those inside. Temperatures inside the freezer hover around -6 degrees. Employees put on protective gear which protects to -50 degrees before heading down the aisles, but Guidry doesn't seem to mind.

"Everyone else is complaining pulling out their winter jackets, their sweaters, saying that it's freezing out and that they want to stay home bundled up in bed, but I normally go outside in the 50 degree weather to warm up," Guidry said.



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