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Feb 4, 2013 11:24 PM by Steven Albritton

Teenagers Step Up To Prevent Bullying In St. Mary Parish

A case of bullying at a skate park is now in the hands of the St. Mary Parish sheriffs office. Better known as "The Swamp," the Bayou Vista Skate Park has been a place for for kids to go since it opened last fall, but recently an in school altercation spilled over into the park. Now, some people are questioning the supervision practices of the park.

"At any public park you go to, most of them have no security. There's no staff. You just go out and have a picnic or you take your kid to a playground,. There's nobody there," Director of the Recreation District Stan Robinson said.

Robinson says incidents like this are very rare. The park has been equipped with 16 cameras since the day it opened. He can actually use his phone to see what is going on at the park at any time.

"Overall it's been overwhelmingly positive. You know this is not a good thing that happened, but we know and we're going to deal with it and do the best we can to solve that problem," Robinson said.

Now, teenagers in the community are doing what they can to keep bullying or any other rule breaking from happening again. They have volunteered their time to keep an eye on the younger kids.

"I just feel like me and my group of friends and you know if something happens we can handle it, and everyone can go and have a good time," volunteer Dylan Thornton said, "It's a great thing and you want to keep it. You don't want kids out here ruining it, fighting and creating scenes."




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