Dec 30, 2013 12:13 AM by Alex Labat

Tech Talk: Biggest Stories of 2013

From flying cars to Google Glass, 2013 witnessed some of the highest...and lowest points in the world of technology.
We've toiled over the list, but here's what we think are the top five biggest stories in the world of tech this year.
We start out, with the next generation. At number five on our list, is the console wars. Both Sony and Microsoft released the next iteration of their popular video game consoled, and have already sold over 2 million units each. But with software company Valve hoping to combine the PC and gaming console, and mobile gaming on the rise, the console wars are only beginning to heat up.
Number four on our list continues with the tech war's impact on the Financial District. Twitter made it's debut on Wall Street, making a big splash in it's initial public offering. Others expanded their empires, like Amazon's Jeff Bezos and his purchase of the Washing Post, while the reign of other media giants came to an end.
Speaking of Wall Street, number three on our list is looking to ditch it all together. Bitcoin is a digital currency that's been around since 2009, but gained a lot of attention this year. While prices of Bitcoins have reached all time highs, it's been the victim of hacks and regulations, and it has many wondering if and when the bubble will burst.
Number two on our list, has been a headache for millions. The turmoil surrounding the launch of has left a mark on the Obama administration and left many scrambling to sign up before last week's deadline. The miscommunication and missteps have shown that politically backed technology for the masses still has a long way to go.
But what is the biggest tech story of 2013? It covers the government and technology, but this is a story with global ramifications. Edward Snowden's unveiling of the NSA's activities has rewritten our modern day notions of privacy. The organization's wide reaching access into the technology we use in our day-to-day lives will be discussed for years to come. Whether you think he's a hero or a traitor, Edward Snowden's NSA whistleblowing is the biggest tech story of 2013.


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