Tracking the Tropics

Jul 26, 2013 5:20 PM by Daniel Phillips

T.S. Dorian Losing Structure and Intensity

Life hasn't been great for Tropical Storm Dorian over the last 24 hours. Winds are now down to 45 mph, and will continue to weaken through the rest of the weekend due to several factors.

The first issue Dorian is facing is a very dry patch of air, that is helping to weaken the storm. Dry air has filtered in to the center of the system, and as a result Dorian is looking very disorganized. The thunderstorms at the center have significantly diminished, and never an impressive looking storm to begin with Dorian is not looking great.

Adding to the dry air is an area of fairly heavy wind shear which is helping to tear Dorian apart, and doesn't appear to be easing up anytime soon. The official forecast has Dorian losing tropical status by Sunday, but it would not be out of the question for that to happen sooner rather then later.

Winds are now at 45 mph, with the center of circulation at 17.8N and 45.8W. Current movement is west at 22 mph and a central pressure of 1010 mb.


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