Feb 11, 2013 6:52 PM by Chris Welty

Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes into Home

In New Iberia, the search is on for a suspected drunk driver accused of crashing into a home.

It happened along Guadalajara Street early Monday morning. Investigators believe the driver ran a stop sign and crashed into the house. It's a sleepover story one girl will never forget.

"She had her head right here and I had my head right there. We were both thrown."

14-year-old Laura Proulx thought a tornado hit her home. Her bedroom tossed into a complete disarray and panic took over her and her friend.

"The night stand flew from the impact and it broke the TV stand. The bed was up against that and it pushed the table in."

Bricks and debris from the truck are still scattered through the yard. When the truck hit the house, it also hit a water line flooding the home.

"I could hear them trying to turn the engine, but my first concern was getting them out. I asked them if they could move and they said yes and I told them to get out, run," said Laura's Mom, Barbra Gardner.

When the driver was able to start the truck and back out, part of the headlight was busted and left here at the scene. One of the questions the family wants answered is how someone can just leave knowing people were inside screaming for help.

"This is my baby. You always hear stories on TV about people who lose their children in drunk driving incidents, but to have it happen to you and they were at home in their bed. It's not like we were on the roads somewhere."

Luckily the two girls only have minor injuries and Laura has a message for the driver.

"You almost killed me and my friend. This is the house I grew up in and my mom grew up in. Now, it's ruined."

Debris from the truck was scattered at the scene and investigators are working to identify the make and model. So far, there's no suspect, but the family hopes the driver comes forward.

The family is also looking into putting a cement barricade to prevent this from happening again.

Chris Welty



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