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Feb 11, 2014 1:26 PM by Letitia Walker

Suspect accused of operating "shake-and-bake lab" in Pierre Part

Deputies say their investigation of a shed fire led to a "shake-and-bake lab".

Narcotics agents with the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office conducted a search warrant at 3246 Highway 70 in Pierre Part on Friday. Deputies say they asked for the warrant after suspecting a shed fire was the result of a meth lab operation.

36-year-old Kevin Pintado is facing a charge of operation or creation of a clandestine laboratory. Pintado is already on five years unsupervised probation for a prior conviction in 2012. His prior conviction was also for the operation or creation of a clandestine laboratory in Pierre Part.

Deputies say they believe the cause of the fire was a "zip lock" bag, which contained a fuel like substance (lantern or gas stove fuel) catching fire. Deputies say Pintado then threw the burning bag onto a mattress which then also caught on fire.

This shed, which is next door to a family home, was occupied and serving as a living quarters for Pintado.

If you have any questions concerning this news release, please contact Sheriff Mike Waguespack at 985-369-7281 or 985-637-6392.





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