Oct 25, 2013 7:22 PM by Akeam Ashford

Superintendent Explains How LPSS Maintained "B" Status

In a news conference today at the Lafayette Parish School Board, Superintendent Pat Cooper explained how the school district was able to maintain its "B" average.

Cooper credits the school districts success to the Turnaround Plan.

"The community came together, devised a plan, and said if we want to be an "A" school district, if we want to be the best, then these are the additional things that we have to do. We can't keep going in the same direction. That's what turnaround means. It doesn't mean you're terrible, it just means we want to be better," says Cooper.

Overall, the district rose from 21st to 19th out of 74 districts statewide.

In total, 14 schools in the district improved by one letter grade.

Closely watched school Alice N. Boucher Elementary's grade rose to a "D" from an "F".

Annette Samec took over the role as principal of Boucher late last year.

She doesn't take credit for the school no longer being labeled a failing school, but says she wants to continue the school's success.

"Now taking those strategies and continuing to develop them even further really has me optimistic that we're really going to exceed our expectations for this school year," says Samec.

Boucher now has instructional strategists and data analysts who help faculty identify students' specific testing strengths and weaknesses. To continue Boucher's success, Samec says her school will focus on reading skills.

Under the last superintendent, the district went from a "C" grade to a "B", but Cooper says the district maintained the grade with tougher regulations and the introductions of the turnaround plan.



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