Aug 3, 2014 8:52 PM by Kari Beal

Super Soaker battle draws a large crowd to Girard Park

It was certainly a wet day at Girard Park today, but not because of the rain. A super soaker battle was organized at 2 p.m. The event was posted on Facebook last week and quickly when viral with nearly 150 showing up today.

"I saw it on Facebook and it sound like a good time. I cleared my schedule for this," participant Chris Trahan said.

And just like any battle ammunition is a key component.

"I think we cleared out the retail store of super soakers. I bought the most expensive one," event organizer Tanner Dimmik said.

"I spend around $60 today," event organizer Dwight Roy said

Tanner Dimmik and Dwight Roy had the idea to organize the event when they were catching up at Café Habana. While the main ammunition was the water guns, they said there were other fun water toys as well.

"Water balloons, sling shots, pretty much anything that will get people wet," Dimmik said.

The rules were the same as capture the flag, with a wet twist of course. Both teams had a flag at their base and the object was the capture the other team's flag and bring it to the base. Anyone hit with water must stand still for 20 seconds.

"Two teams are set up. Freetown in red and Saint Street are in blue," Roy said.

Like any good battle a celebration is in store for the winning team.

"We had a keg donated by the Wild Salmon, so we will be having a few beers but keeping it safe," Dimmik said.



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