Jul 17, 2013 5:13 PM by Daniel Phillips

Summer Showers & Summer Heat Continue

The dog days of summer continue as we start to wrap up the work week, with temperatures crawling back into the low 90s and the heat index pushing triple digits. The Midwest has been in the grip of a heat wave so the further you get from the coast the hotter things are likely to be. Needless to say drink plenty of water and try to stay out of the brutally hot times of the day.

Thursday morning will be fairly pleasant with a good mix of sun and clouds, a standard summer morning in the southeast. As the day progresses, however, a few pop-up showers will start to appear late in the afternoon.

The tropical downpours will provide brief relief from the heat, make sure that if the clouds are starting to darken that you are on the look out for frequent lightning and gusty winds. More moisture in the atmosphere will lead to better rain chances to end the work week but only slightly.

This weekend may end up providing some more showers across Acadiana with some models hinting at good rain chances this Sunday. As this is still a few days out it is tough to pinpoint exactly how much and when we will get the rain.


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