Mar 13, 2013 7:04 PM by Chris Welty

Students Watch News of Pope

Students from across Acadiana were watching and waiting for a new Pope to be elected.

Our Lady of Fatima in Lafayette was on papal alert. Throughout the day they made announcements for teachers to turn their televisions to the news when they though a Pope would be elected. Teachers planned special lessons to explain the process of selecting a new Pope and everyone on campus agrees today is a historic day.

"I learned how important it was for our catholic faith and I started feeling really excited," said Fatima student Sophia Brazda.

"They were just really happy as we were coming back from recess screaming, 'We have a pope! We have a pope! People were jumping up and down," said Garrett Schoeffler.

Teachers took advantage of this week to explain the process of selecting the Pope and the history behind the day. "We spent a lot of time learning about things. One of the most interesting is how they string a needle and it has to go through a certain word," said Our Lady of Fatima teacher Jennifer Caillier.

"The date is 3-13-13 which is the #3 the blessed Trinity," said teacher Cherie Quiring.

"I think it will be a day our students will not forget and we want them to remember because it's an important day in the days of our faith here." Joni Duos, Our Lady of Fatima Principal.

After news of the Pope broke, faculty and students had a moment of prayer and put white balloons out front to symbolize the white smoke indicating a Pope had been selected.

Chris Welty



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