Mar 22, 2013 7:54 PM by Chris Welty

Student Teacher Let Go After Speaking Out

A student teacher at Carencro High is looking for a new place to teach so he can complete his degree requirements and graduate in May.

Less than 24 hours after Derrick Comeaux spoke up about discipline problems, he was escorted off campus by police.

"You need to get the hell out of my school!"

Derrick Comeaux says he was floored when Carencro High's principal told him not to come back to campus and had him escorted off the property by police. This all happened less than 24 hours after Comeaux spoke out about discipline issues in the classroom.

"Where does this retaliation, intimidation, the use of power to silence people stop?"

Comeaux says discipline issues at Carencro High fall on deaf ears and he believes the school board needs to know what's happening in the classroom. He says though students are written up and sent to the office, they aren't disciplined and they're sent back to the classroom and they misbehave again.

"We've always here at the district have had an open door policy if someone is experiencing difficulties they need to address," said Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau.

At the meeting Comeaux stated verbatim some of the language students use, but did not say what school he was student teaching at or mention any students' names.

"His unprofessional behavior drew some concern," said Billeaudeau.

"I asked the board to please excuse that language before hand, but I wanted the board to get the jist of the exact type of language we as teachers face in the classroom," said Comeaux.

"This was not HBO or MTV and we just didn't think that was appropriate," said Billeaudeau. As far as first amendment rights and freedom of speech during the public comments section of the meeting, Billeaudeau said, "That's fine, but we still have to maintain a level of decorum."

Comeaux's worried if he'll be able to graduate in may. He still has 150 student teaching hours to complete.

"They have to get these schools straight and back up the faculty."

Comeaux says it's time teachers don't have to worry about retaliation when speaking up and before this incident he was hopeful he would become a teacher in Lafayette. He says if the discipline issues aren't fixed than he isn't sure where he'll teach.

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