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Apr 26, 2013 11:43 PM by Chris Welty

Street Performers Plentiful at Festival

While we're all excited about the musicians at Festival International, you don't have to be at the main stage to see a good show.

From larger than life street performers stealing the show on Jefferson to musicians everywhere you turn, Festival is in full swing.

For the past 63 days, Rob Taylor and a group of friends have traveled the country playing music on the streets of different cities. He says the best part is seeing people's reactions.

"You have some people that just walk past because they have something to do or they look at you because you're on the street. They stop and really support us and drink beer next to us."

This is Taylor's second year at Festival International playing on the corner of Jefferson and Lee. He says this is one of the best places to jam out.

"There's like 100,000 people downtown and I love it! Everyone is always hyped for it dude," said Taylor.

The different beats, instruments and sounds all tend to gel together filling the night air. Local musician Bobby Rede says even performing in the street at Festival is an honor.

"It's just fun to play for them; the kids, the old people, the middle people it doesn't matter everybody is having a good time," said Rede.

You can catch the street performers throughout the rest of Festival weekend.

Chris Welty



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