Apr 7, 2014 6:12 PM by Kristen Holloway

Storm injures Iberia Parish man

The National Weather Service is making the determination as to whether or not a tornado ripped through Iberia Parish during last night's storms.

Viewers sent in photos of damage at their homes and in their neighborhoods, including downed trees, houses destroyed and reports of hail. Injuries seem to be minimal except for one man whose bedroom window shattered because of strong winds.

"It was thundering and lightning, you could feel the thunder in my bedroom like the impact and in a short period of time it just got worst, the lights went out and then it was just like a bomb my window shattered,"Jeremy Stevens said.

Stevens said he was sitting near the bed and tried to get out the way but it was too late, everything happened so fast.

"I tried to get up and the minute I got up, that glass cut me wide open," said Stevens. "I tried to go around the corner of my bed, but I couldn't walk. I got weak, blood was everywhere."

The New Iberia resident has a laceration on his leg 4 to 6 inches deep. Doctors had issues stopping the bleeding coming from his wound.

"She had to keep putting pressure on it to stop the blood and they thought they might have to do surgery on it cause it was so deep," said Stevens. "That was the only thing I was worried about besides bleeding, that it happened to me and nobody else."



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