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Mar 7, 2013 11:24 PM by Erin Steuber

Still No Permanent Superintendent in St. Landry Parish

The search for a new school superintendent in St. Landry Parish was back on the agenda. It went to a vote, but tonight, still no superintendent. The board was split, no one candidate was able to get 7 votes, which is required for the position.

Of the five candidates the board had their sights on two: Interim Superintendent Joseph Cassimere and Edward Brown, the Supervisor of Child Welfare in the parish. Cassimere received 4 votes, Brown received 5. But that majority wasn't enough. According to the board attorney, selection of a superintendent requires the majority of the board's approval, that's 7 votes.

Two board members, Ronald Carrier and Quincy Richard abstained from the vote. Board member John Miller was not present. As you recall Miller and Richard were indicted on federal charges in connection with a bribery scheme surrounding the superintendent vote.

"I meet people in the street, in the district, outside the district, outside of St. Landry Parish, and they say 'what a laughing stock you all are in St. Landry Parish. You can't even get a superintendent,'" said Board Member Charles Ross. "That's embarrassing to me."

"It's really none of each others business why we voted as we did, but I don't think we're going to be able to move forward unless we discuss those differences," said Board Member Randy Wagley. "It's gonna entail, you know, why are you supporting this guy and where can we meet to resolve this."

"Our purpose as a board is to serve the children and I'll say it again, serve the children of St. Landry Parish, and not to have personal agendas as to what they want, who they want and why they want it," said Board Member Anthony Standberry.

So what's next? The board can choose to revote on the same candidates, or even start the search all over again.



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