Nov 21, 2013 7:09 PM by Alex Labat

State Superintendent Slows Down Impact of Common Core

The State Superintendent of Education is saying "not so fast", on some aspects of Common Core. It comes amid public backlash about the implementation of the new standards. At a press conference in Baton Rouge on Thursday, White proposed a delay on grading schools, students, and teachers on the new standards. Common Core is staying in schools, but White wants more time for the adjustment.

State Superintendent of Education John White is proposing a two year delay for holding schools, students, and teachers accountable to the new standards of Common Core. "It should give comfort to educators, students, and others who are working to learn these new expectations, that in this time of learning, the new expectation themselves are not the cause of a precipitous letter-grade drop", says White.

The new accountability standards will start in 2015, and the bar of expectation will be gradually raised over 10 years, with tougher expectations of accountability fully in place in 2025. "PARCC" is the test used to evaluate students in Common Core, and another change with that test---high school students will not have to take it until 2015. Grades 3-8 will take the test to evaluate just how effective the test it. So why the change of heart from one of the biggest supporters of Common Core? White addressed that in his presentation. "As times change, we know that teachers are going to catch up to the change at varying speeds, that students are going to be receiving instruction that is part of this transition process. They're learning too, their teachers are learning too, we don't want students to get unfairly caught up in a change process", says White.

The superintendent says he will officially make those recommendations to the BESE Board on December 4th. To view a complete breakdown of the changes to the policy, a link to today's full presentation can be found here.


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