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Apr 10, 2014 11:43 PM by Kristen Holloway

State GOP Push for Rep. Vance McAllister to Resign

Governor Bobby Jindal joins republicans as they push for Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister to resign. Some are calling McAllister an embarrassment to the Republican Party, his state and Congress.

McAllister was just elected in November. He serves Louisiana's 5th Congressional District, which includes a portion of St. Landry Parish.

Tonight, KATC takes a closer look at these calls for McAllister to step down and why some question the motive.

It's all over that video leaked earlier this week, where McAllister is seen kissing a married woman who isn't his wife. But for Louisiana voters, scandal and politics aren't exactly strangers.

"People are getting tired of what's going on with certain politicians and just behavior in general and I don't think it really matters which party everybody should be held to the same standard," said
Acadiana resident Carl Gumbert.

"It's definitely a double standard; Vitter should have been removed from office by republicans, and I also agree that McAllister ought to resign," said Skip Briscoe, another Acadiana resident.

"David Vitter was a strongly supported Republican in a number of campaigns before the scandal broke for him and in this case Vance McAllister is a newbie and there's no real support for him," UL Political Science Professor Dr. Pearson Cross.

A spokesperson for McAllister says there are no plans for a resignation.

"He just got there and since he's been here he's gone out of his way to do things that have irritated the Republican establishment; so now that he has shown he has feet of clay, they're pretty quick to throw him over," said Dr. Cross.



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