St. Landry

Aug 30, 2013 6:09 PM

Standing water causing problems in Opelousas

A mosquito problem in St. Landry Parish has residents from an Opelousas neighborhood upset, and wanting answers from the city.

The problem is on Pujo street, where residents say a large amount of standing water, that's been leaking, is what's attracting mosquitos. They say they noticed water leaking back in February, and have been calling the city about it ever since.

Residents say a crew came to check out the problem three weeks ago, but only spray-painted the word water, and didn't fix the problem.

"We've been asking them to come out and fix this, and it's like...(they say) You on the waiting list. What waiting list? you came and sprayed water, you're not doing nothing," Thelma Thomas, who lives on Pujo Street, said.

"I would like it fixed cause of the kids. Bugs, we have mosquitos, everything. The kids going to go and play in it, there's fungus and stuff growing in it, the kids going to go play in it, they going to get sick. Then what are we going do?" She said.

Public Works in Opelousas says they are aware of the water problem, but didn't know there was also a mosquito issue. They plan on fixing it as early as Tuesday of next week.



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