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Nov 19, 2013 11:51 AM by katc

St. Martin Sheriff's Office Warns Citizens for Holiday Criminal Activity

In an effort to maintain a safe environment during the holidays, the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office wants to warn citizens of necessary precautions to reduce criminal activity.

Some of these precautions include:

· Maintaining video surveillance systems to assure that they are functioning properly
· Adequate lighting
· Adequate visibility
· Alarm systems working properly
· Prepare pre-arranged robbery plans for employees
· Internal signals for employees in the event of robbery
· Obtain a detailed description of suspect(s) height, race, weight, clothing, shoes, jewelry, tattoos, vehicle description, and direction of travel without risking the safety of yourself or co-workers

If you become a "victim" of a robbery:

· Call 911
· Keep your doors locked
· Do not allow anyone inside or outside of the establishment or residence until law enforcement has arrived on scene
· Do not disturb the crime scene
· Do not attempt to fight the suspect(s)
· Do not attempt to follow the suspect(s)

The Sheriff's Office wants to remind you to be cautious, careful, and alert to reduce the risk of criminal activity that might compromise your safety during the holiday season.



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