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Oct 2, 2013 7:33 PM by akeam ashford

St. Landry Women Want A Stronger Voice In Community

A small group of women in St. Landry and Evangeline parishes believe their voices of change can serve as a force for good in their communities.

Women from these parishes have joined with the United Way of St. Landry to form the Women's Leadership Council (WLC).

The goal of this new council is to help improve the lives of others in their communities.

Ginger LeCompte, United Way Executive Director, says members will fall under United Way guidelines and regulations, but will have the ability to tackle the issues they feel are important.

"It's pretty progressive for us, and aggressive for us to do it," says LeCompte.

There are 12 different WLC's in the state. With the growing illiteracy rate in the parishes, LeCompte says this will be the group's focus in the beginning.

Josie Frank will serve as the council's first president. She says having a women's only group doesn't mean men can't create change, rather, it gives a stronger voice to important issues.

"I think it's good to give it a female voice, because if you would look at the governing power that's is in existence here in St. Landry parish, it's male dominant, and sometimes men don't hear women voices well unless you put a little power kick behind it," says Frank.

The council will hold general group meetings four times a year.

To become a charter member, you can call the St. Landry parish United way at (337) 942-7815.



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