St. Landry

Jun 21, 2013 7:32 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

St. Landry's "Dump Bridge"

In St. Landry Parish...A smelly situation has residents plugging their noses and speaking out.

They're upset over a makeshift garbage dump where trash has piled up beneath a bridge on the old Highway 190 just outside of Krotz Springs.

"How would you like to live on a road that looks like this and smells like this?" St. Landry Parish resident Earl Brasseaux said, who lives just down the road from the stench and garbage below the bridge. He says he's had enough.

"I don't know what the excuse is...Ignorance or trashy people?" Brasseaux said.

Those that live nearby say the problem is so bad that this area is known as the "Dump Bridge."

"This is wrong in so many ways," Brasseaux said.

Which is why Brasseaux has even done his own investigation.

"Picking names up out of the trash, give them to the Wildlife and Fisheries...Give them to the Sheriff's department."

Last week Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries received his complaint, and says the Sheriff's office did an investigation, and has already charged at least one person.

"When people throw household garbage and stuff, they'll leave their envelopes and mail that's addressed to them in that trash and that's how we're able to track them down," Lt. Travis Huval, who works for Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said.

But what remains today are mounds and mounds of trash...that need to be removed.

"They'll clean up every now and then, you know...And like I said, a couple three months..Boom it's right back," Brasseaux said.



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