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Dec 23, 2013 7:02 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

St. Landry Parish WWII Veteran Celebrates 98th Birthday

Not many of us can say we've celebrated 98 Christmases, but a St. Landry Parish veteran is on track for doing just that.

Today is Wilson Robertson's 98th birthday. He says he's thankful for another year of life.

"The good Lord done bless me. It wasn't me it was him," Wilson Robertson said.

He's been alive for almost a century and still remembers his years fighting in World War II. He received a bronze medal while serving in the army, and since then several other medals have come his way.

"I was overseas and I was on the front lines over there and everything and I was able to be able to stand up and get the job done," Robertson said.

His family is also proud and admires how Robertson is still pretty independent. His age isn't slowing him down.

"He's still driving around driving to Opelousas everywhere else if you let him," Robertson's son Kirk Robertson said.

So what's his secret to being healthy, happy, and active at 98? Robertson says if you want to live a long life, make sure you give back to others.

"If somebody needs help, help them and so forth and so on and that's it," Robertson said.

But living to 98 isn't the goal. Robertson has his eyes set on a much bigger number.

"I'm trying to make that 110 trying to get to that 110," Robertson said. "If I can get to that 110 I'd met my goal. I'll probably make it too," he said.

Robertson just might reach his goal. He says his father lived to be 105.



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