Aug 20, 2013 11:06 PM by Chris Welty

St Cecila Students Helping Honduran Mission

Students at St. Cecilia Catholic School in Broussard are improving lives in Honduras.

Friday morning, the student body Skyped with some of the people they're helping.

This project started five years ago when a parishioner told the Sacred Heart congregation about manning a medical mission to remote villages in the mountains of Honduras. The church raised enough money to build a clinic. Doctors, dentists and members of the church have gone three times over the years to provide care and medicine to those in need.

Two years ago, the mission group challenged students at St. Cecilia to raise enough money to buy a truck for the clinic in Honduras. Students delivered on their project and held a special ceremony Friday.

The St. Cecilia student body assembled in the gym to meet the Honduran people they've helped.

With the help of a translator, the group communicated via Skype. Students prayed with the group, held up posters like "We love Honduras," and sang.

Students were creative raising money, collecting more than 18-thousand dollars. With added donations from the church, they were able to buy a truck for the clinic.

The truck will bring doctors up a rugged mountain to the clinic. So far, the mission group has helped hundreds of Hondurans. Father Louis Richard says, many of the people have no other access to health care.

"They would walk four to five hours and stand in line and wait their turn to come into the clinic," said Father Richard.

Scott Boudreaux is a dental hygienist who went on the missions. He says they're starting to see the fruition of their work. "They know you're there to help them and you're getting them out of pain and suffering that was going on for years," said Boudreaux.

"We come back feeling deeply humbled by what we've received by what they have given us. Everyone comes back with an appreciation for the most important things in life," said Father Richard.

The church is planning another mission to Honduras, but no date is set. They're also hoping to bring some of the people they've helped to the United States to speak in other church parishes. The goal is to get other churches on board to help the Hondurans.

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