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Sep 8, 2010 7:37 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

Spears To Vitter: Wanna Fight?

A very unusual political challenge was fired off today in Lafayette.  Candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Spears wants to fight David Vitter.  Literally.

Far from the stately columns of Washington DC, at a mexican restaurant in Lafayette, Senate Candidate Mike Spears holding a press conference-- telling Senator David Vitter "put up your dukes."  like an old fashioned duel.

"I'm not encouraging people to start dueling, but we need to do something extreme."

Extreme indeed.  Spears says he will train in the mixed martial arts and he wants Vitter to take him on in a cage fight at the Cajun Dome.

There's no mixed martial arts duels in American political history, but there was a lot of sword fights and gun duels- especially in Louisiana:

"Hot weather and hot tempers, I'm not surprised someone challenged him for a duel."

Phillip Frey is a UL graduate student and he's writing his thesis on duels.  Listen to what he has to say about the matter; click our video story above.


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