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Mar 24, 2014 9:28 PM by Jim Hummel

Some Water Systems Non-Compliant In Fight Against Brain-Eating Amoeba

Several water systems in Acadiana are not yet compliant with an emergency rule issued after a rare brain-eating amoeba was discovered in two Louisiana water systems last year.

The emergency rule was issued in November and required higher disinfectant levels and increased sampling sites.

Of the state's 1,369 public drinking water systems, 73 are not in compliance.

In Acadiana, that list includes:

Lafayette Utilities Water System, 4% non-compliant
Victoria Village (Lafayette), 100% non-compliant
Lawtell Water System (St. Landry), 20% non-compliant
Midway Water System (St. Landry), 100% non-compliant
United Water System (St. Martin), 100% non-compliant
Teen Challenge Water System (St. Martin), 100% non-compliant
McGee's Landing Water System (St. Martin), 100% non-compliant
Allemond Point RV Park Water System (St. Martin), 100% non-compliant
Baldwin Water System (St. Mary), 67% non-compliant.

The brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, was to blame for the death of a child in August, who died shortly after visiting relatives in St. Bernard parish. It was also later detected in the DeSoto Parish Water System.

"We are excited that so many systems were able to bring their water up to the new standard, which is known to control the Naegleria fowleri ameba," said DHH Secretary Kathy Kliebert. "We will continue to work with the 73 systems that did not yet comply to ensure that they do. It is important for users in these systems to understand that their water remains safe to drink, even if the system did not comply with the new rule yet. The raised chlorination standards are higher than the national standards for drinking water and were put in place to ensure that the water is safe for all uses."

For a list of all the non-compliant water systems, click here.


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