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Jul 2, 2013 7:37 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Sober Living Facility Needs Help

One man in Acadiana is doing everything in his power to help those with drug and alcohol addictions stay sober...Even if it means opening up his own wallet.

But the bills are mounting. He's trying to do what he can to keep the facility open, and help residents like Tyson Dupuis, who needed Breaux Bridge Sober Living to help himself stay sober.

"My family was pretty much done with me. And these people took me in without knowing me, help me find work, and put a roof over my head..I'm very thankful for that," Dupuis said.

Dupuis has lived here for the last two months...He's a father of one,and now three-months sober.

"It feels really good to be working this honestly," he said.

Concern is growing at Breaux Bridge Sober Living...How to keep up with the bills, and how to keep the facility up and running.

"It's just a struggle financially, we'd like for people to get involved," owner of Breaux Bridge Sober Living Benjamin Fontenot said.

Fontenot, who opened the facility back in February, says he's spent almost 20 thousand dollars out of pocket to keep it open. He even hired an attorney to research grants and outside aid, but nothing came up.

"I have done all of this on my own along with two other people, and it takes more than that to get it where it needs to be," Fontenot said.

Breaux Bridge Sober Living is over 2500 square feet and can house up to 17 residents. Those who work here say, there's nothing else like it in the area, which is why they'll do anything to keep it open.

"These guys deserve this, and we feel if other people get involved this would make a great opportunity for a lot of people," Fontenot said.

"Anything I can do, any means necessary I'll help," Dupuis.

So that more like him, are helped.

For more information on Breaux Bridge Sober Living visit



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