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SMPSO Regional Training Academy Hosts LSU FACES Lab

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office Regional Training Academy hosted Maria Allaire, Forensic Anthropologist/Research Associate from the LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Lab.  82 law enforcement officers from the Sheriff's Office and Franklin and Berwick Police Departments attended one of two Missing Persons and Forensic Anthropology and Entomology workshops held last week at the Bayou Vista Community Center.

The workshops served to educate law enforcement about the Louisiana Repository for the Unidentified and Missing Persons Information Program and other services provided by the FACES Lab.

Anthropologists at the FACES Lab, working with scientists at the North Louisiana Criminalistics Laboratory, began the LA Repository for Missing and Unidentified Persons to provide a database to be used to help identify and resolve Louisiana's cases of unidentified remains and missing persons. The program and its success rely upon law enforcement agencies to submit information regarding those types of unsolved cases. Other services provided by the lab to law enforcement are the recovery and identification of human remains including providing a biological profile (age, sex, race, height, etc.) and trauma analysis. At the workshops, Allaire familiarized law enforcement officers with techniques used by forensic anthropologists to identify remains. Attendees were given a hands-on practical on determining the differences between human and animal bone fragments. Allaire also spoke on the importance of insects at death scenes.

The website for the Louisiana Repository for Missing and Unidentified Persons Information Program may be found here: There are three cases listed in St. Mary Parish.


Lieutenant Sennet Wiggins (left) and Allaire (right) discussing the types of facial bone structures


                                   Detective Gilbert Blanchard, Allaire, and Wiggins


                                    Allaire, Deputy Patricia Vasquez, and Corporal Amy Prevost


                                                 Deputies and officers attending the presentation




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