Apr 8, 2014 5:47 PM by Daniel Phillips

Skies Clear for Sun, Earth and Mars Alignment

A once every two year event will be occurring Tuesday night as the Sun, Mars, and Earth will all align. 

The phenomenon is known as "opposition" as Mars and the Sun will be opposite each other and will make Mars very easy to see on Earth. 

Mars will become visible around sunset Tuesday and stay visible through the rest of the night, as an orange star. 

Astronomers it will be easy to see as Mars will be the brightest star in the sky Tuesday. 

This comes just about a week from when Mars will make its closest approach to Earth and will be roughtly 53 million miles from Earth, coincidently the same time people in North America will be able to see a Lunar Eclipse. 

Conditions will be favorable to see Mars Tuesday as high pressure takes place in Louisiana and will lead to clear skies the remainder of the work week. 

Lows Tuesday will be chilly getting down into the upper 40s while highs remain in the 70s through the week. 


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