Feb 9, 2014 5:39 PM by Daniel Phillips

Showers Moving in For the Start of the Week

The forecast for the start of the week is not a simple one consisting of wild temperature changes, inversions in the atmosphere, stubborn clouds, fog and even some rain, and the culprit behind everything is a cold front which will stall more or less on top of Acadiana. 

Clouds this weekend have been slow to clear and sunshine has been patchy at best. Every time it seemed the sun would come out more clouds seemed to move in. 

This increase in moisture and clouds all come before a cold front and with moisture continuing to move in fog and reduced visibilities will be widespread across southern Acadiana Sunday night before the rain arrives. 

Models have had difficulty with the timing of this event but it is looking more and more likely that we will start to see the showers on Monday. 

Midmorning on Monday will have the bulk of the shower activity arriving with the heaviest rains following predominantly along the I-10 corridor. 

Temperatures which will start the day on Monday in the mid to upper 50s will start to drop as the afternoon goes on and our highs will likely be seen early in the day. 

The stalling front will try and keep the colder air at bay but will keep the wet weather locked in certainly through Tuesday and likely in to early Wednesday morning. 

The precipitation will be liquid as temperatures don't look to get cold enough to support any kind of winter weather, the lone exception being the extreme northern parts of Louisiana. 

When all is said and done Acadiana could see close to 2" of rain, with areas along I-10 seeing slightly higher amounts, by Tuesday night. 

The rain will come to a close early Wednesday morning but the clouds will have a hard time clearing out and will hang around until later parts of the work week, keeping temperatures below average. 


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