Feb 13, 2013 9:46 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Shedding for the Wedding

At his heaviest, Matt Hernandez tipped the scales at about 430 pounds.

"I just kind of dropped off and I started gaining weight back."

Hernandez had tried before to lose weight and had some success, but after changing jobs he struggled to stick with it.

"I didn't see him for awhile and i was like where'd he go? He didn't just stop working out."

Trainer H.J. Adams says shortly after Hernandez stopped showing up he noticed on Facebook he had gotten engaged.

"I knew he was coming, I just didn't know when."

Sure enough, he came back.

"I said would you please help me?"

"On the outside I was like sure I'll help you anyway I can, but inside I was like yes! Let's do this!"

As for his first workout back...

"sluggish and brutal. You wouldn't think walking on a treadmill would be that hard," says Hernandez.

"The workout probably lasted maybe 10 minutes."

Since that first workout in November, Hernandez has lost nearly 50 pounds and recently reached a milestone.

"I jogged, ran my first mile ever in my life."

"It's so gratifying. I beam, like yes, he did it."

It certainly hasn't been easy and at times frustration has almost gotten the best of him.

"You're like I can't do this, why am I even here, what's the point?"

As difficult as it can be at times, there is a fairly simple key to success.

"Make the decision to show up."

Day after day, week after week, Hernandez continues to show up.

"He doesn't cut me any slack. If I'm sick and miss a couple of days, he doesn't cut me any slack."

Hernandez doesn't have a specific number he'd like to see on the scale. He just wants to make sure he's around for awhile, for his bride-to-be and he hopes one day their children.

Hernandez and fiance Kimberly Saucier are set to walk down the aisle October 19.



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