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Feb 1, 2013 10:29 AM by Chris Welty

Sgt. Rick Riggenbach is Laid to Rest

Every agency from across Acadiana and the state, even as far away as Hancock County in Mississippi, came to pay their respects to Sergeant Rick Riggenbach of the Chitimatcha police department.

"We all care and actually love each other because we know what each one of us do everyday for the public," said Lieutenant Bob Armstrong with the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.

Fire trucks draped an American flag over the entrance to The Crossing Place Church; hundreds honoring a hero.

" We know what they do and we know why they do it. Not doing it for the money and not doing it for the ego, it's doing it for the people in the community," said Lt. Armstrong.

United as one under one badge, no officer ever wants to burry one of their own.

"He's one of those guys you never thought this would happen to because he was always prepared."

Irving Chauvain with the Paterson Police Department served with Sgt. Riggenbach at the St. Mary Sheriff's office.

"Always willing to go straight to the frontline, no matter what. He was never one of those guys to hangout in the back and wait to see what would happen either. He would drive straight up to the frontline to see if anyone else needed help and he was there for them," said Officer Chauvain.

Dozens of people lined the street waiving American flags as hundreds of first responders escorted Sgt. Riggenbach to his final resting place in Morgan City.

Chris Welty



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