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Jul 8, 2011 11:30 PM by Shawn Kline

Search continues for Jennings killer

Jennings Police were still searching Friday night for a killer they say shot a man several times, killing him in his own home.
It happened just after 2:00 Friday morning on Hobart Street near Division.

Family and friends are now looking for closure. Who killed 29-year-old David Deshotel?
Jennings Police say they're talking with some suspects but no arrests have been made.

"We have the bullet holes right here," Tammie Beitel pointed-out in Deshotel's home.

Beitel woke up Friday morning to a phone call; she was told her brother, David was dead. Shot to death in his own home.
She says it's now a feeling she can't easily put into words.

"Just, I don't know, emptiness." Beitel says, "that's all I can say, emptiness."

Beitel says she first thought her brother had survived. After all, this wasn't the first time Deshotel was shot. Just three months ago, he was shot in the leg and lived.
Police Chief Todd D'Albor says that shooting is unrelated but they're looking at all possibilities.

"We're not ruling out anything." Chief D'Albor says, "we're ruling in all information we've received at this point and we will follow the leads we have all the way to the end."

While police continue their investigation, Beitel is piecing together her own account of what happened with what little evidence remains.

"The door was kicked-in and this where he was sleeping," she said pointing to the couch. "Three shots was fired. The bullet came in through the couch and came out right here and had come into the floor."

The latest update Jennings Police gave suggests they've spoken with suspects and could announce an arrest at any time. However, if you have any information that may help bring this case to a close, detectives ask to call (337) 821-5513



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