Jun 24, 2013 11:20 PM by Steven Albritton

Scott Police Go Above And Beyond For Residents

Scott Police have went above and beyond the call of duty. Over the weekend, residents of Scott are on the lookout after a rash of graffiti on the south side of town.

U.S. Army veteran Jared Cheramie was one of those victims of the graffiti. He was asleep Sunday night when his wife woke him up after a knock at the door.

"She said the cops are here and that your car got tagged or got spray painted. So, I woke up, came out here, spoke to the cops, and had Triple K on my vehicle in gold," Cheramie said.

Cheramie was shocked to see the writing on his car, but he was one of four reported incidents in this neighborhood off Le Violon Road. After police filed their reports, they took it one step further. They took the time to clean the graffiti off all four of the vandalized cars. One family whose car was hit was packing up to leave for vacation.

"Knowing that it's vandalized at home and you're out trying to enjoy yourself, it's kind of hard. We caught it right there. They got to go on their vacation with no worries," Sgt. Justin Dean said.

Officer Hayden Godeaux says this is the nature of every officer working in the department.

"Every officer, from the bottom to the top, they reinforce that. We're going to do whatever we can. It's an honor for us to serve the community," Godeaux said.

"They were able to take it off the vehicle. They went above and beyond, and they went ahead and helped everybody else that was on this lane," Cheramie said.

Luckily, the graffiti was able to be removed with no damage to the cars. Police are still looking for suspects.



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