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May 1, 2013 7:02 PM by Akeam Ashford

SchumacherGroup Cuts 41-Employees

According to a letter given to SchumacherGroup employees, 41 employees have been laid off because of a change in healthcare laws commonly called "ObamaCare." Effective today, the company has eliminated the Patient Financial Management Services division (PFMS)--the department responsible for collecting payments from customers.

In the letter given to employees, Vice President of Human Resources Diane Broussard says, "It is essential due to a reorganization of the company's revenue cycle services, as well as overall underperformance of the cost center." The department was responsible for collecting payments from customers.

"We unfortunately again need to restructure our business model to adapt to the healthcare environment we find ourself, which is quite different than it was in January of '12," says Maura Nelson, Schumacher's vice president of marketing and communications.

The 41 employees will receive their regular base pay through May 31. The company says it will offer employees career counseling services through Business Health Services. "The benefit is available to you and your dependents for up to 18 months following May 1, 2013," Broussard said. Affected employees will also get their full base pay through May 31, 2013.



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