Aug 16, 2013 9:05 AM by Kristen Holloway

School Starts in St. Landry Parish with Two New Programs in the District

A new school year starts for the last two Acadiana parishes. This morning Evangeline and St. Landry Parish students head to the classrooms to begin their 2013-2014 academic year.

Creswell, as the community knows it, closed back in May because of low test scores. This year, with a new name the building will be home to two new programs and some students and teachers who would have been here at Creswell are now at Park Vista.

"Since the last day of school in May I've been at Park Vista, I've been accepted with open arms and all the administration and everyone has been so great and helping," said Park Vista 4th grade teacher Ashley Boutte.

Just like many students transitioning from Creswell this year, former Creswell teacher Ashley Boutte says she's excited about the merger between the two schools and can't wait to meet her students on the first day of school.

"Both schools have tremendous people that help out and support them and we have great students that will also be able to learn from the others that were already here at Park Vista that have had the Park Vista experience," said Boutte.

Because of the merger, this year Park Vista will have a little over 800 students. For an elementary school that number might sound frightening but principal Ulysse Joubert says since the campus is so large, it should be a easy transition.

"It's a new school year the expectations are going to be high. We are going to try to accommodate them in whatever learning style that they happen to have and what we do is we set the bar when they reach it we raise it," said Joubert.

Boutte says students will know her expectations from day one. She plans to provide the best education experience possible.

"I'm just so happy that all the Park Vista staff and the previous members have welcomed all of the Creswell people and we are just family, now it's on to a brand new year and happiness," said Boutte.

All updates for St. Landry Parish School can be found at this website.



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