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Jan 8, 2011 11:54 PM by Chris Welty

Saints Fans Disappointed, but Optimistic for Future Seasons

Saints fans were on the edge of their seats Saturday night hoping for a shot at a "two dat"... but, as KATC'S Chris Welty found out even with this loss...the "who dat" nation is still on the Saints bandwagon.

Excitement and all eyes glued to the tv's at Buffalo Wild Wings as the Saints took on the Seattle Seahawks, but that excitement quickly faded.

"Pretty disappointing. We played well in the first quarter, and the second quarter just kind of fell apart" says Saints fan Todd Adams.

Fans say the disappointment was felt across the restaurant and the "who dat nation".

Adams says "Just quietness, paying their tabs and just kind of putting their tail between their legs a little bit...it was just disappointing when the Saints lost." Jonathan Royer says, "It was a nail biter all the way and when we realized we were running out of steam at the end we got quiet, but at the end we thought we would have a little boost here and there but..."

Saints fans that we spoke with here at Buffalo Wild Wings say that the loss to the Seattle Seahawks was extremely disappointing, but yet they are optimistic about upcoming seasons.

"Right now even though it is disappointing with a loss, I think that there are opportunities next year with the draft and trying to get other players."

"It is hard to repeat in the NFL and to win two Super Bowls in a row, but you know what nobody here gives up they are all Saints fans and we are going to do it again next season. Even though we lost and it was a heartbreaker, we are still going to pull together. Saints fans are going to be Saints fans till next year and we are going to do it again next year I'll tell you that."



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