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Jul 12, 2012 5:39 PM by Natalie Noah

Safe Summer Fun With Your Dog

Lazy days of summer...NOT!  It is very hot most of the year in Acadiana, yet we still have to take the precautions not only for ourselves but for our pets too!  Here are a couple tips:


Don't over do it:  Summer heat in full swing we have to remember to take things slow to prevent overheating.  Keep outdoor exercise sessions short and a shortened walk is best!


Avoid the hottest part of the day: The suns peak is between 10am-2pm....suggest early morning or evening/night exercise when temperatures are cooler.


Water, Water, Water:  Just as we need water to stay cool and stay hydrated...so does your dog!  A dog's body comprises about 70% water,  water is a must and a cool shaded area is a good call too. 


Respect Your Dog's Breed:  Pugs and Bulldogs have flattened heads and shortened muzzles which makes it harder for these types of breeds to breathe...they are extra sensitive to the heat and more prone to heatstroke.


Sunscreen:  Yes, may seem odd...but short/light haired dogs could just as easily get sunburned.  A pet sunscreen is available, apply on ears, nose, or you can easily spray your dog all over!


Watch/Supervise:  Supervise your dog at all times.  You know your dog best, if he/she seems lethageic or is having signs of overexertion ...cool them off with lots of water and bring them indoors.  Always contact your vet if your dog experiences any signs of high body temp or heatstroke. 


Fun/Summer Friendly Products:  All types of products are on the market to help keep your dog cool.  Anything from cooling vest to booties....your dog will be happy you did!


The summer days don't have to be long and tough on our dogs, practice some of these safety tips and you will be on your way to a fun, safe, and enjoyable summer with your furry friends!


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